All meetings of the Region 1 Canadian-Upper Red RFPG are publicly posted and open to the public pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act and Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) rules.

At least one regular meeting of the Region 1 Canadian-Upper Red RFPG is held in each quarter. Meeting times and locations are set to facilitate participation of the planning group members and the public in the regional flood planning process.

View the Meeting Notices for upcoming meeting details, Meeting Materials for agendas and accompanying items, and the Calendar for information on meeting times, locations, and how to attend.

In accordance with 31 TAC 361.21, copies of all materials presented or discussed are made available for public inspection prior to and following any meeting of the Region 1 Canadian-Upper Red RFPG.

Notice of Meetings

Meeting notice requirements vary depending on the action that is being taken by the RFPG. The Texas Water Development Board has developed the following quick reference guide to Public Notification of RFPG meetings with reference to 31 TAC Chapters 361 and 362 and the Texas Open Meetings Act.